Monday, 25 February 2013

Elite Sniper Zombies Version 1.12

This game is works on ARMv6 device

Take a deep breath as you provide sniper cover for civilians escaping hungry marauding zombies.
Switch out your weapons for the buzz of a well placed, long range sniper headshot, or the thrill of peppering zombies with shotgun and automatic fire.
Each game level provides new challenges, like sniping through windows, teleporting around a city to locate and protect escaping civvies, or calmly facing down a charge of zombies in a dark city sewer.
* Use sniper riles, shotguns, rifles and more to dispatch zombies
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Learn different effects of each weapon
* Compete to be the best in the world at each level
* Sharpen your skills on the shooting range
* Unlock weapons or bump your score by finding and shooting hidden crates

Download Link
Elite Sniper Zombies v1.12 apk

Installation :
1) Install apk and play

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